An excellent reminder which alerts you about all events on time

In today‚Äôs busy world everyone is busy with a lot of work, and to remember all work on time is very difficult. So, the question is how to remember all work on time so that we will not forget any important deal? The simple answer to this question exists in a small program called WinAlarm. It will remember your all important works from your all meetings to switch off oven when your pizza is ready, from birthdates of your friends and family to expiry dates of your insurance and your favorite TV shows, and alert you just according to your instructions by the mean of the text message or by your favorite song. And you may also set it to remind before or after your scheduled date and time for a particular task. Or if you want, it may remind you again and again after a particular time interval. It provides you full flexibility to set an alarm, because you can set alarm by any week day and you can set it to repeat alarm by daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. It also comes with some Alarm window themes or you can use your own pictures and sound files here. Well, getting all these features for free is not a bad idea.

Manoj Goel
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  • Freeware.
  • Full flexibility of settings.
  • Can remind any number of schedules
  • You can use your own images and sound files for alert


  • Does not provide countdown option
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